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Occupied Consultation

Not sure where to start when putting your home on the market to sell? Our consultations take approximately 90 minutes for a 3 bedroom home. You will receive a thorough report which will include suggestions on furniture placement and depersonalizing as well as helpful tips for showings and open houses. Please allow yourself at least 2 weeks to get your home market ready.


2-Hour Rearrange
Don’t want to do the work? Want a fresh look but not sure where to start? We can help! We will use all of your furniture and accessories but will restyle and refresh them to give them a great look to potential buyers. We will come to your home and re-style your key spaces (living, dining and master bedroom). Additional time is by the hour. For a complete restyle see our Platinum Package.

Platinum Package

Does your whole house need to be revamped? This would included living, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and the out-side. This would require an initial visit and a serious commitment by the homeowner. We will use as much as the homeowners furniture and accessories that we can. If additional furniture or accessories are needed additional charges may be applied. The platinum package could take up to 2 full days and the homeowner will be assigned “homework”. For more information please contact Jenny 817-304-1045 or Kim 972-977-9991

Vacant Consultations

Although some people would think a vacant home is easier to sell, this is incorrect. Buyers want to see the possibilities. A vacant property should be eye catching and look ready to move in. Vacant properties also do not picture well, so staging them will make the photos “pop”. Want your vacant property to sell? Lets start staging it!

Vacant Home Staging

We do all the work and will bring in all the furniture and accessories that will showcase your property the way it should be. After the initial walk through. we’ll determine what rooms need to be featured (may include all of them) and work up a plan. After the Staging Agreement is signed and a date has been decided we do the rest. Prices are determiend by the size of home, room dimensions, ease of accessibility and list price. Please contact Jenny 817-304-1045 or Kim 972-977-9991 for your estimate